Clients benefit from my pragmatism and my understanding of and sensibility for diversity.


Working together - Wherever You Are

Our unique therapeutic relationship will be forged together using NICE-recommended therapies.
These are cognitive, behavioural and existential therapies.

We will be analysing and working with unhelpful behaviours and thinking patterns to develop your psychological flexibility.

This flexibility can help you to respond to situations more functionally – even if they are challenging.

This can empower you to reach your personal goals, live akin to your values and create authentic happiness.

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Individualised Sessions

Do you want to get a different view on a problem or help in changing unhelpful behaviours? Or do you find yourself stuck or unsure whether working with a psychologist is going to help?

We are highly experienced and will be able to tell you whether your problem is our area of expertise during our contact call.

For many years, we have worked with people who sought help through the NHS, through psychiatric wards, charities, private sessions and our wellbeing programs in companies, with patients experiencing, for example, chronic pain, clinical depression, anxiety disorders and trauma.

The goal of our work is to create your therapeutic pathway to wellbeing.


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Don't Move - Just Skype

We are aware that you might want to access our services from the comfort of your own computer, and that working with us online might be more convenient for you.

All our Developing Wellbeing services are available online.

Let us know, during the contact call, if you’d prefer to work with us online.