We analyse your specific needs, and create and implement sustainable strategies that empower the WellBeing of your organisation.

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Whether your company is undergoing structural changes or faces challenges, you will see an effect on the teams.

Signs of non-functional processes vary, some are obvious, such as high staff turnover or sick-days.

Some are more subtle, such as a sense of insecurity and distrust, or reduced creativity and innovation.

And some can be a disaster, with team members detaching from their company like zombies and becoming disconnected from life.

Together with all stakeholders, we analyse the problem and formulate the solution.

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Based on the analysis, we offer an intervention strategy.

The strategy is focused on agreed and measurable goals, based on the values of your organisation.

Some might be implemented by us, some might need a change in your structure.

For example, we improve disempowering team structures, train sales teams,  coach pitching and presentation skills, teach market competitor analysis and train stress resistance and resilience.

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We see sustainable change as a high priority in our work.

Audit tools can be developed to understand what effect the outcome of our work has on the WellBeing of the team and the organisation.

Audit tools are also helpful to recognise difficulties before they become challenges or systemic problems.


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"Ute is a consummate professional who brings her knowledge and expertise to problems in new and creative ways. She is a great listener and a deep thinker and approaches her work with enthusiasm and commitment. Most of all, Ute remains focused on results and delivers to an exceptionally high standard. Ute is a pleasure to have on your team."

— Andrew Cockayne
CEO at Connected Tech Group

"It was Fun. Very motivating. It was amazing how many suggestions could be used for each problem. For myself I have also learnt many points I can use in my professional life. I love it and I had two wonderful days. Thank you, Ute."

— Debby S.
Language School, Israel.

"Practical and well explained - even though topics are quite complex. Thanks for developing this follow-on met people's needs and was very well received."

— HR 
Hospice of St Francis, Berkhamstead, UK