Looking at dyslexia through the eyes of a dyslexic: New book available now

Chapter 9 in Leadership and Diversity in Psychology

“Shackles far beyond the written word”


Why is it so difficult for a person with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia to enter higher education—even to work in academia? Is it because dyslexia support is not sufficient? It is because we are not intelligent or motivated enough? Ute Liersch critically considers these questions by investigating the genesis of dyslexia, by exploring the helpfulness and hindrances of a diagnosis of dyslexia, and by challenging the non-dyslexic reader's assumptions. She invites us into her life as a dyslexic and how she clawed her way into academia always carefully sharing what she learned along the way. This chapter offers a genuine eye-opener to those for whom correct spelling seems like second nature, who cannot understand the phenomenon of dyslexia.