Building resilience and resistance for employees and volunteers


Project Background and Description

The Hospice is a well-known and award-winning organisation which takes its duty of care for its clients, patients and staff seriously.

The organization sought to implement regular workshops that seek to empower their employees and volunteers in dealing, handling and managing stress.

The work needed to be framed in the ethical framework with reference to HCPC and BACP standards of proficiency.


Project Scope and Elements

Analysing existent resilience processes

Creation of workshops (various levels)


Organisation fitting feedback process




Data gathering

  • Present communication between consultants, registrars and patients:
    • Inpatient, outpatient across specialities
  • Understanding the needs of the communication process through the eyes of the clinical community and the patients
  • Understanding what process of change would be accepted within the clinical community and the organisation
    • Dedicated links between organisations and von Lerse


  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Visiting existing intervention groups
  • Research of existing programs and longitudinal outcome data

Linking Process with People

  • Feedback and debriefing: members check



Creating stress resilience workshops

  • Training material, including levels
  • Timelines and areas of training
  • Implementing training


Triangular feedback


Triangular feedback process: participants – hospice – von Lerse