Ute Liersch

Organisations, more than ever, need to adapt to the changing environments, demands and human behaviour. But, there is never "time for change" and organisations tend to react to challenges. Carrying on with their existing processes automatically. The outcomes are non-functional teams, low creativity, stressed workspaces, decrease in sales and loss of clients.


Successful organisation analyse existing processes utilising psychology to understand how to respond best.


Ute, the founder of von Lerse & Partners, is a professional psychologist and lectures at the University of London. We offer high-quality, evidence-based, and client-tailored process analysis and pragmatic interventions. To create sustainable positive change in teams and their outcomes.




Whether you are organising yourself or a team, challenges will arise.
Work with us if you want to increase your functionality in the

• interpersonal and intrapersonal domain
• team building and communication
• creating, setting, achieving and sustaining SMART goals

• and personal wellbeing and life-balance



Organisation-centred programmes to
create psychologically functional procedures:

analyse stalling processes
• empower peoples' resistance and resilience
• improve workplace creativity and communication

• and train effective sales teams


People Testimonials

“she is able to analyse quickly, acts accordingly … gave me workable solutions”

(executive coaching)

“albeit at times difficult I appreciated and needed her consistent transparency … thank you”

(coaching client)

“Ute was an amazing facilitator. She was calm and knowledgeable and is an engaging and interesting psychologist.”

(EAP workshop participant)


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